the mindy project   i probably just killed someone and i lost my best knife   

Love. It’s like a delicate flame. And once it’s gone… it’s gone forever.

once upon a time   


Never ending list of flawless people →  Idina Menzel

↳ “I think I hid my singing talent from a lot of my friends at school because I didn’t want to alienate anyone. If everyone was singing along in the car to a Madonna song, I didn’t join in because when we’re younger we’re afraid of sticking out or showing off, when in fact we should own those things that make us really unique.” 
idina menzel   

the mindy project   

Every story needs a memorable detail.

once upon a time   

get to know me meme[1/6] favorite male lead characters → jean valjean
les miserables   

kacey musgraves   

a female character in a comedy show
SIBELLA (A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder)

a gentleman's guide to love and murder   

make me choose → anon asked: poa or gof (x)
"For in dreams, we enter a world that is entirely our own. Let him swim in the deepest of oceans or glide over the highest cloud."
harry potter   

bb16 meme [1/6 houseguests]: Zach Rance
zach rance   bb16